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Firty one years ago, Fortune Magazine ran an article about Industrial Design.  The Institute of Design from the Illinois Institute of Technology had earlier selected 100 of the "leading" designers, architects and teachers" of the world.  The Institute of Design then went back to the top 100 winners and asked them to select the "top 100 best designed products that were mass produced".  Of the top 100 best designed products, six were related to the business office and are listed according to how they placed, as follows:

        1.        Olivetti Lettera 22 portable typewriter, 1950.  
                   Designer:  Marcello Nizzoli.  Olivetti Co., Ivrea, Italy
        7.        Edison Voicewriter, VP Dictating Model, 1952.
                   Designer: Carl Otto, Thomas A. Edison Industries, 
                   McGraw Edison Co., Voicewriter Division, 
                   West Orange, New Jersey.
        10.      Bell "500" telephone, 1951.
                   Designer: Henry Dreyfuss.  Western Electric Co., New York, 
                   for Bell Telephone System. 
        27.      IBM 305 RAMAC computer, 1955.  Designers:
                   Sundberg-Ferar and Eliot Noyes, IBM Co., NY
        44.      IBM Electric Typewriter, 1948.  Designer: Eliot Noyes.
                   IBM Co., NY.
        81.      Hermes Rocket portable typewriter, 1932.  Company
                   Design: Paillard S.A., Yverdon, Switzerland.

In an effort to continue the connection between Art, Industrial Design and Technology,  MBHT will list below and continue to list the best designed products beginning in 1873 with the Sholes & Glidden typewriter.

We invite our visitors to inform us of their opinions concerning best designed "Business Products" of a particular year.