The Remington Collection

E. Remington & Sons began business in 1815 when young Eliphalet Remington had previously asked his father for a gun and was refused.  He promptly started the task of designing and building his own and then entering a local sharpshooting contest where he won second place. He began taking orders for more rifles and so began one of Americas greatest arms manufacturers.

Fifty-two years later, a Western Union Chief Telegraph operator by the name of Christopher Latham Sholes began working on a way to mechanize writing.  There were earlier attempts to do the same thing, but no one quite got the job done.  Success did not come overnight for Sholes and his partners.  Over 50 models were built before a historic meeting between James Densmore, George N. Yost and represenatives of  E. Remington & Sons, in which the Sholes machine was demonstrated and an agreement was reached for Remington to build 1000 of the Sholes typewriters.  And so began one of America's greatest Typewriter manufacturers, who would later become "The largest Office Equipment Manufacturer in the World".  Two great forces coming togeather to establish a typewriter company that would endure for over a century.

The Remington Collection exhibits an example of almost every machine model manufactured in their 110 year old history.