Comptometer Serial Number: 55351 Picture Location:
Comptometer Serial Number: 55351 Picture Location: 10.1000.CA0007 Inventor:Dorr E.Felt. Manufacturer: Felt & Tarrant  Description: 1st commercially successful key-driven calculator; mainly for addition, but could do subtraction, multiplication, & division. Had 8 or more columns of 9 keys.
Special models had different key arrays for special functions e.g. calculating currency exchanges, times, and imperial weights.Success was slow ; took almost 3 years to sell 1st 100 machines.[c.1887] (more...)

Object ID: 1346
Manufacturer: Felt & Tarrant Co., Chicago, IL
Model Number:
Serial Number: 55351
Circa: 1887

Height: 16.51 cm
Width: 20.32 cm
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