Fitch Model American
Originally patented by Eugene Fitch of Des Moines, Iowa, in 1886. Initial models of the Fitch had a two-row keyboard, but later models had three rows. It had a down stroke type action with the type directly behind and above the platen. Printing was visible. A curved basket in front of the machine stored paper. The type itself was made of hard or vulcanized rubber. After a brief and unsuccessful period of manufacture in the United States, an English version was made in London, England. It was redesigned but it also met with little success. The primary reasons for the lack of success of the Fitch was an unconventional keyboard. The arrangement of the keys did not lend themselves to faster typi (more...)

Object ID: 792
Manufacturer: Brady Manufacturing Company
Model Number: American
Serial Number: 323
Circa: 1891

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